Shipping off to Boston

Here are some random food pics. Jan and Feb I’m getting this mutha back on track. Keep it hot and fresh

Cue Havana

Thrice. This coming week will be the third time I travel to Cuba. Often I schedule his getaway to coincide with the end of he work summer. Cuba is a good reboot. Eye opening culture shock, coupled with the humble beauty of a people who have lived under the failing thumb of a Castro regime….

It’s poppin off up in here

Bacon and smoked Jalapeño cream cheese “popper” grilled cheese. This is kind of a hack recipe. A lot of food trucks throughout the US are on this bigtime and nailing it. The first one was the best as I toasted it on the flat top in the residual bacon grease from the bacon cook off….

El Cortez

El Cortez is a new Mexican concept bar/eatery opening down the way from my house. I got a sneak preview a couple weeks ago and have been gushing since. It’s nice to see a group of owners show some balls in this city for once and design an establishment with flair and style. Which are…

Chicken Soup (and grilled cheese) for the soul

Comfort food. It means exactly what it says. Such a simple yet complex connection between what we eat and why. Many a rainy day has been met with the warm cheesy embrace of a grilled cheese. Simple to make and a universal “thank you” to your stomach. Yet it’s taken me up until this year…

Rhubarb Foam and the zombie apocalypse

Sometimes the best food is homemade. Like these lovely Tortillas, stuffed with an array of fresh veg and meat. Foraged from the heart of the Old Strathcona, weekend farmers market. Simple is delicious …and when the zombie apocalypse hits, there will be no rhubarb foam and soufflés.

New menu at the Pourhouse

Two of the new additions on the new menu at The Pourhouse this coming week. I’m proud of these sandwiches and considering the limitations of the kitchen there and the current food climate (as pretentious as that descriptor is) .. they are of the few options at my disposal for jazzing things up. Come check…

Spring cleaning

I don’t know why it took me so long to declutter my home kitchen and realize the dream of having some space to work with. It took a whole day and I think I degraded my IQ by double digits inhaling cleaner. Yet it was all worth it. As you can see the transformation is…

New Menu afoot

A picture of the pickled beet sliders on the new menu @ the Pourhouse. Bocconcini, pickled beets, green goddess sauce and a crisp kettle chip to top it off. New menu in 10 ish days

BBQ Salmon, summer is here

When poaching Salmon. Butter, garlic, salt and pepper, fresh doll,fresh lemon juice and slices and that’s all. Don’t overthink it. If you play it cool, your gold and the Salmon just melts in your mouth. BBQ is something primal and no need to get all posh and fuck it up. This is the mistake of…