Saturday and the Farmer’s Market walk


One of the many blessings of living in Old Strathcona. Is the easy access to a large and thriving Farmer’s Market every Saturday.

There is a balance of produce, local protein providers, crafts, artisan wares and everything you could think of jamming into your chow hole. It is even a great stop for your garden and herb shrine. Housing a wide array of stuff that would otherwise be inundated with chemicals at a huge box chain. The 40+ variations of herbs is a perfect and lazy way to get yours going at home with minimal effort.

I was late on the boat as far as utilizing the opportunities there for food at the Pourhouse. With the proximity, I had no excuse other than it didn’t fit what was going on there. I had the ability to fit some stuff in for the Chef vs Chef battles but just a couple months afforded me an endless amount of ideas for the Camrose Hart’s House opening.

Now, as part of the “man I am getting old and starting to really dig stuff I used to think was square as hell” role I have fallen into. I get some humorous glee out of wandering the aisles and saying hi to all the contacts I have made, staff I know and passerby’s when possible. Generally its a fun experience. It can be wall to wall North Country Fair type hippie crowd sometimes. Hipster parents nursing their false celiac sensitivity and standing in the middle of the road to the point you contemplate Jihad.



for the cost and selection. You can feed 2-3 grown adults on a budget of about $80-100 and land some phenomenal food. Obviously seasons dictate the choices and the once a week thing calls for some planning but its worth it. There really isnt anything processed. So as long as you have a introductory level of cooking skill and some time there really is no excuse to not take advantage of the market.

This gem of a plate, albeit a stack of vegetables and meat. Was made for a couple bucks a plate.

Sweet onions and garlic, stewed and caramelized in a organic milk and Miso reduction. Atop some Venison and Cherry sausage, with roasted peppers and potatoes. Although still functional the chive and sweet basil (both purchased at the market) were added for color.

This whole plate, sausages included was sourced from local suppliers. Now I have always been a proponent of supporting mom and pops. Sometimes the ingredients aren’t there locally. However in June, Edmonton and area have it all. The sausages came from Spolumbo’s in Calgary and were/are killer.

So in short, get off your ass. It ends up being cheaper and you are buying from someone who actually appreciates your money.

au natural_


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