Ask me about my Trip To Jamaica, or how the Pourhouse died

Things change, often without your say or control. Over a year ago, I sat down with my partners in the Pourhouse and had the heart wrenching conversation about how our business model was not a long term sustainable one. Things were changing and I needed to get back into something I was passionate about.

I had a long drawn out explanation of why we decided to sell and move on. But I saw a peer, who has been dealing with the same issues trying to sell his bar and dealing with the harsh realities of being on Whyte ave in the midst of cyclical changes sum it up best. ‘Sometimes things just need to end”. No need to dwell or rage against the dying of the strobe light. If you can bow out with some grace and confidence, that is the best option in such a transitory industry.

I learned a lot about myself and how I deal with pressure and stress. Ultimately I learned what the cost of each of those can be. This industry chews up and spits out many a better man and woman then I. Turning energetic and passionate individuals into catatonic alcoholics with a penchant for self destruction. I unfortunately fell into some of the same trappings. However in the midst of being down in the deep dark well of a stagnant career. I took on some new cooking projects and opportunities with some pretty amazing Chef’s and friends. Which even in its brief nature, reminded me why I got into cooking and this life. It energized me enough to keep me afloat during some of the roughest times of the last year and has now steered me in a new direction.For those opportunities I am endlessly grateful and I will do you all proud. For every time you popped in on a snowy day in the dead of winter. Every time you went online and left kind words or dropped me a kind text message. I never forget the good souls and big smiles. Rather then whine and pine over horrible landlords, rent increases and a city that at times seem to railroad certain aspects of our business, while hindering so many others. I will just choose to celebrate the all the amazing people and good things that came from putting three years of my life into the Pourhouse.I am going to miss the conversation over a beer, being able to tell stories and make someone laugh and forget about their day. I get a little misty right now thinking about all the amazing and unique people I have met in just three years at the bar. From one-of-a-kind customers, who do not know the pleasure it would bring me to see them pop in and sit down and get comfortable. To the hard working staff members who I reminded me of why I put up with all the stress. To the professional and ambitious reps who lightened the load by providing beer,booze and liquor I could be proud to sell.

Now there were assholes, bullies and chumps on a weekly basis. But I have seen many fall into the trappings of their horrible routines, so it seems things will fall into place for those types. if anything it taught me to check my misgivings and issues.

So lastly, I am proud to say I have some really interesting and fun things to announce this week so please stay tuned.

Anyone I can thank, I have in person and will continue to do so. I will see all of you sometime soon. The best part about this gig was building friendships and relationships that carry over far past a persons current employment. Oh and being able to get on TV and in the paper to call bullshit on some of the ridiculous things that occur on Whyte and in our community. Rest assured that part of me will continue as long as I draw breath. Its kind of fun rocking the boat and it was even more fun with you fine people to throw me a rope when I fell into the water.

Love you guys


“When you drank the world was still out there, but for the moment it didn’t have you by the throat.”
—Charles Bukowski


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