Cue Havana

Thrice. This coming week will be the third time I travel to Cuba.
Often I schedule his getaway to coincide with the end of he work summer. Cuba is a good reboot.
Eye opening culture shock, coupled with the humble beauty of a people who have lived under the failing thumb of a Castro regime.
Oddly enough, kept in power by the American embargo…

The food is a challenge, as are most things we take for granted in Canada.

This trip, at the youthful turn of 35 I have decided to take up the art of the Cigar. A couple trips to a few local Whyte Ave shops and a few amusing conversations with the tobacco aficionado versions of Comic book store guy and I have the basic means to enjoy ..

Hours later I am at home on the patio enjoying the last few rays of summer sun.
Trimming the cap, toasting the Cigar until lit with a cedar match. Well five, I didn’t quite light it as well as I would hope.
After some persistence we have combustion and I’m puffing away. Now as I don’t smoke, at all.
I was surprised at how I wasn’t as disgusted as I thought I would be.

Complex aromas led into layers of flavor and an altogether great first experience. I tapped out halfway as the lightheaded thing kicked in and after feeling like a Soprano for 35 mins I wanted to exit with my masculinity intact.

I already couldn’t wait to get away. Now I have one more way to enjoy Cuba.


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