The Italian Job … centre

If you live in Edmonton and enjoy any type of food. At one point or another you will have found yourself wandering through one of the Italian Centre stores. Staring up at each aisle like a child in a Disney movie at Christmas. Watching every glorious snowflake fall in slow motion.

Olive oil so virgin even the Mother Mary would feel like a tramp. Delicious cured meats from around the world. Garlic in everything one can imagine. Rich cream filled desserts that could very well be better then some sex I’ve had…. It’s any wonder how the Italians didn’t conquer the world.

Gushing aside, a West side location popped up this last year and I finally got to go. Fresh everything, dear lord I thank thee for the fresh mozzarella and pagnotta bread.

I spent a loving half hour making a standard mushroom and pea risotto, added some white wine and a variety of spices laying around… I cannot get past how hearty and straight up gorgeous this dish is. I cringe everytime I see a store bought ready made version risotto. Like a soufflé or Yorkshire. This is something to be romanced, one shot, start to finish. No halfassing can be had whilest making risotto.
That’s why I respect it so much. Like the blues, or an orgasm, it has to be earned. Cannot be faked … I love you Risotto.

Side note. Get the roasted red pepper spread atop some pagnotta bread. Cut up some boccocini and drizzle with truffle oil and a little rock salt.
Perfect late night snack to accompany a Californication marathon.
If only I could be the Hank Moody of food.



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