The Italian Job … centre

If you live in Edmonton and enjoy any type of food. At one point or another you will have found yourself wandering through one of the Italian Centre stores. Staring up at each aisle like a child in a Disney movie at Christmas. Watching every glorious snowflake fall in slow motion. Olive oil so virgin…

Vegan ism for the win

So today I spent about 3 hours honing the flavor to match the Coconut “Chicken” curry dish from the fine folks at Padamanadi downtown. I’m not a vegan but that is easily the best dish of the kind I’ve ever had. So I’m proud of this, someone even pulled some strings and got me the…

The Bleeding Heart

3 parts Bitter Truth Sloeberry Gin Dash of Agonstura Bitters Tonic water Splash of simple syrup Served in a Mason Jar … Then call in sick the next day.

Pop Up Challenge VS Chef Chris Lorenz

My old buddy, we first worked together at an Irish Pub on Whyte that we dare not speak it’s name. It’s great seeing a friend embrace the lifestyle and run with it. He is now the Chef at Chicago Chophouse in Calgary and I’m proud to call him a fellow Chef and kindred heathen