day one

…Hey there,

if you are reading this….. Thanks.

I am embarking on something new here.

A blog that doesn’t just focus on food and drink. But why we drink what we do, why we eat what we eat and how it all ties into our culture, our history and our health. I am a man who has been in every aspect of the service industry and I have a lot of stories to share, questions to ask and directions to steer you in. Food and drink are inherently all of ours to enjoy.

I warn you now. The humor is blue, the steaks are almost as rare and my views come with opinions that can be described as passionate but sometimes the bitter words of a drunken asshole. I promise you however, the drink I decide to indulge in, will be worth watching the bull destroy the china shop with.

Since the beginning of “French Cuisine” all the way to the current culture of Celebrity Chefs and “foodies”.  A divide has been established between the majority of people who enjoy a bite to eat and a tasty libation…and the people who write, endorse and create some of these items. Causing misinformation and general confusing common practices. From what we eat, to whom we buy from and why.

Food is not mean, not the workings of men and women trained in far away french restaurants. It is not about the sourcing, the politics or the reviews.

Food is yours and food is mine….everything else is a matter of who, when , why and how…all of which, sometimes have amazing stories.

Food is life.

and so sharing mine with you begins…

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