I am going to try and write as much as possible on the fly. I often find myself inspired on the go and this leads to me forgetting some of the best things this caveman mind can muster.

So a short note on a guy named Wade. Since I ran Devlins Martini Lounge on Whyte Ave. He has popped in an out of the day to day life. Not quite homeless, yet struggling to make ends meet. He is one of those “No job too big or small” kind of guys. We have had some rather candid conversations about his life at times, without a fixed address. Always polite and occasionally only showing a nasty side when dickering over his services. He has often changed my opinion on giving people chances.

We often marginalized people in transitory situations and people who find themselves struggling not just to make ends meet. But also finding a roof for the night. He is a hard worker and takes any task for reasonable pay. Only asking for future work when possible .

I cannot say enough good things about this man and his perception smashing existence but I count myself as lucky. Being involved in businesses on Whyte ave often sucks a fat hog dick but he reminds me good people do exist… Especially good people existing in bad situations.

Good job Wade.



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